Petite Prints is a Christchurch business which was set up in 2010 by Gail Harris, Gail had a vision of capturing children’s fingerprints in fine silver, creating something which can be treasured forever. After capturing over 700 fingerprints ranging from a 7 day old newborn, to 90 year old grandfather, and with her two gorgeous girls at school Gail has decided embark on a new adventure.

Gail approached me in 2015 (Lana Ogilvie – at the time a full time mum to a 5mth old handsome chappy!) to continue on with the special task of preserving precious moments in time. As a friend and former design colleague of Gail’s this was a true moment of stars aligning. A few years on and another baby later, I am still thrilled to be continuing on the amazing work Gail started.

Your child's impression will be taken directly into a silver clay, rather than using a mould. This means your jewellery has actually been touched by someone you love. You'll be able to keep that special person close to your heart at all times.

Each Petite Prints’ charm is lovingly handcrafted from fine silver. They are stamped with the fine silver hallmark (999FS) and finished with solid sterling silver fittings, unless otherwise stated. These charms come in a variety of shapes and can be purchased individually or you can choose to have them attached to a stunning piece of jewellery from the Petite Prints’ collection.

A great deal of time, care and attention to detail goes into making every single charm, meaning the finished piece is as individual as the person that created the fingerprint!


About Lana

I am a mum of two, a Designer, a Jewellery maker, a Painter, a Gardening enthusiast, a Sewer, and a ‘maker of things’. Gaining a Bachelor of Design at Christchurch Polytechnic, I majored in Graphic Design and Photography before joining an Advertising Agency as a Graphic Designer. In my professional career I've worked as a Senior Graphic designer, Studio Manager and Digital Project manager here in New Zealand and in Australia.

Now with a young family and after some busy years rebuilding our home following the Christchurch earthquakes, I'm very much enjoying the hands-on creativity Petite Prints gives. I also love all the other hands on creativity I do with my family, whether that’s building cardboard fire trucks, baking flat breads, gardening or painting rocks.